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Prince Wilkerson
Senior (12th grade)
Hi I'm Prince Wilkerson. I love theater obviously, I love dancing, singing, playing piano, interior design, art, fashion, and music. This is my last year so let's party it up!!!
Lex Smith
Vice President
12th Grade
Easy going, comical senior who wants to pursue a career in theater.
Insta: Lex_Smith05

As a child Kamryn's enthusiasm for life, love for animals, and kindness to everyone gave her the sparkle and light she carries with her today. Kamryn expresses herself through many artistic mediums and always show interest in broadening her skills. She is pushing herself through physical obstacles, mental fears and anxieties, and is supporting others doing the same.
Ivy Lynn
Tech Rep
You could tal
k about music with me for hours
Lucy Maurin
Senior (12th grade)
HI I'm Lucy! I drink an aggressive amount of caffeine (mainly monsters). I have been doing theater my whole life. If you need anything let me know!
Emerson Pugh, Activities Coordinator, Junior, she/her.

Hi, I'm Emerson Pugh!! I am your activities coordinator, so get excited because we have a lot of fun activities planned! If you ever have any ideas for things you'd like to see happen, I'd love to hear them. So excited for a great upcoming year <3
My name is Meghan Rosales. My position in Drama Presidency is the Historian. I love to sleep, read a good book, and watch a good tv series. My pronouns are she/her.
Hi my name is Carly Byrne and I'm the Social media Rep! I'm a senior and I love theater, reading, and hanging out with friends and family. I love you guys and this is going to be a fun year!
My name is Sadie Jack. On the drama council I am on Parent Communications. This year in high school I am a junior. I love playing the violin and piano. I am on the cross country team. Love you all
My name is Krystal Jenson. My position on the Drama Presidency is Student Communication. I love to bake cakes, read or watch a good series, play with my doggo but most importantly I love to be around and play games with my friends and family. My pronouns are She/her 
Hey guys I'm Grayson! (He/Him) I am a senior this year and I'm SFHS Dramadons Teams Captain! I am OBSESSED with music and theater of all kinds and I am so so excited for our season this year! I'm responsible for bringing us all together as a closer team especially in the Shakespeare and Region/state competitions! I'm happy to offer any help with anything you guys need! Whether it be coaching for your scenes, auditions, songs etc or just in life help and a buddy tot turn to! Below is my phone number (and my email if You're feeling old school) Thanks guys let's have an awesome year!

Hello!!!! I'm Cody! I'm tech assistant this year, and I love carpentry and sound, but everything tech. I play all sorts of video games. I also produce music, collect board games, do spray paint art, play dnd. Feel free to stop me in the hallway for a chat. 
I'm Kasen I'm a tech assistant and I'm here to help with anything tech and to have a good time with y'all this year. he/him
Hi! My name is Lyss and I'm a senior. I'm a tech assistant, And my favorite play that I've worked on was painting the Clue set. Outside of drama, I like books and music.
Hi I'm Carter Hulet. At this point I'm surprised you made it this far down the website. This year I'm a senior, my pronouns are he/him. My position on drama dons council is  tech assistant. I also help with the drama dons website. I little bio about myself is I love to tell jokes, but I also really love gaslighting people. So don't take me too seriously. If you need me here's my contact info.
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